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ASMP Photographer's Salon

When: February 13, 7 to 9pm
Where: Unique Photo
123 US 46 Fairfield NJ 07004
(973) 377-2007

Frank Villafañe, Photographer
Urban Industrial Imaging

Frank manages to capture the forgotten relics of the recent industrialized age through hard edge gritty black & white images, as well as soft pastels subtle in color.

Free of charge, ASMP-NJ’s Salons are open to anyone interested in photography, (beginners to season professionals) and are held the second Wednesday of the month. Our Salons are designed to be a free moving open forum for photographers to express and develop new ideas in a collegial atmosphere. The intent is to collectively expand our ability to “See” and to express those new found visions through photography. Attendees will have an opportunity to show their developing work and ideas, as well as finished expressions, if not at the current Salon then at a following one. Conversation, ideas, positive feedback — it’s all about personal growth and development as photographers, in an environment meant to reinforce the artist —going beyond who we know ourselves to be as photographers/artists.

For more information please contact the New Jersey Chapter of ASMP.