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The Port Authority of NY and NJ features four famous bridges: the George Washington Bridge (herein referred to as the GWB), the Bayonne Bridge (my personal favorite), the Goethals Bridge and the OuterBridge Crossing. All connect NJ to NY: three (the OuterBridge, Goethals and Bayonne) connect NJ to Staten Island, and the fourth (the GWB) connects NJ to upper Manhattan - specifically, Englewood Cliffs to the Bronx.

The Bridges of the NorthEast have a character and ambiance all their own, and these are no exception. Immense, silent brooding structures, they are absolutely unique, well-known and extremely well-traveled. Hard-core Nor'Easters, they are host to millions of daily commuters.

This series is my tribute to their distinction, their resilience and their lasting durability.

New York and New Jersey wouldn't be the same without them...
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